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FireM unleashes the power of IoT to bring reliable fire detection, and real-time monitoring for any building in your community to the cloud.

BCA Engineers had been working for a long time in Fire Safety and was looking to develop their own product.


Appliquette was approached by BCA to bring our extensive App / Product development experience into an exciting new project and work with them on developing a prototype for a new, mobile based Fire Alarm notification system.

Collaboration leads to quality App Development, and through an ongoing series of workshop meetings, regular sync calls and a shared workspace in Monday.com to project manage the work we aligned and shared our visions of how to develop the app.


On the product side, the prototype was planned to deliver an Android and iOS Mobile app, and Web App that will send Alarm notification alerts to users’ devices when a Fire Alarm is triggered on the Fire Panel hardware that is installed in building premises. 

On the hardware side, Appliquette developed IoT tooling that would enable communication from the hardware into the cloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3/4G, and then into the mobile products. This included supporting multiple different hardware communications interfaces across a number of different Fire Panels.

Quality design is important for any product development undertaking, and this extends to the UI/UX design of your product. In FireM we have an iceberg approach to the information, on one had we are delivering critical messaging that needs to be received and understood in a moment for those users who are on-site and need to take fire safety precautions. As you dig deeper underneath the surface we need to provide a lot of information so that Building Managers can monitor incidents and verify the condition of their fire safety assets in detail.

UI/UX design all starts with understanding what you want your end-user to do and how they want to do it. For the prototype we worked with The Woman’s and Children’s hospital as the first test site and performed a series of controlled rollouts to test the product in a real world environment. This enabled us to work directly with users of the product to further understand and tailor its needs to suit the market. 

The Fire Respond application can be configured to discriminate between various Fire Panel notification conditions including Alarms, Pre Alarms, Faults and Isolates. A record of events is captured locally and off site to allow easy interpolation of reoccurring or troublesome alarm conditions.

The First Respond application can also be adapted to include or replace paging/nurse call, security notification devices and can have settings adjusted to “discretely” transmit alarms to specific individuals or groups.


Appliquette worked closely with BCA over a number of years to first prototype and then develop a robust production product that was rolled out to real customers across Australia. We continued support and maintenance of the product and then in 2021 the product was successfully acquired by LVX Global.

Appliquette led the product transition across from BCA, and continues to work closely with LVX in scaling the product development with the needs of their global expansion. After the acquisition by LVX Appliquette’s product team aligned tightly with them throughout the project lifecycle, with members from LVX taking the role of Product Manager and working closely with our product team through the lifecycle of the product. We work with LVX’s Product Manager and Sales team (who know the heartbeat of their customers) to deliver ongoing value in Agile Sprints.

On top of the acquisition in 2021 FireM, was recognised by Fire Australia for its industry disruptive and transformational and innovation, by being selected by Fire Australia as a finalist in the category of “Innovative Product & Technology Solution” Award.

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