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Deliver targeted information directly from the traffic management centre to road users, helping them avoid congestion.

The AddInsight app is a fantastic example of innovative technology developed right here in South Australia with the scope to change people’s lives around the world by improving travel times and is a great example of the benefits intelligent transport systems are already providing to motorists.
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Appliquette oversaw the Addinsight product concept from a prototyped app development phase through to a fully commercialized product

DPTI had begun prototyping technology that would allow smart distribution of audio messaging with a mobile app, over a bluetooth device, but wanted to bring in an experienced product team to help them develop the prototypes further and shape them into a high quality production product.

We collaborated through an ongoing series of workshop meetings, regular sync calls and a shared workspace in Jira to project manage the work. Appliquette’s product team aligned tightly with DPTI throughout the project lifecycle, with members from DPTI taking the role of Product Manager/Owner and working closely with our product team.

The Addinsight mobile products were developed as part of a larger system called Addinsight that monitors the road network, produced by the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).


Interacting with a mobile phone while driving is illegal, so this information is only useful before you start your trip or if you have a passenger that can check it for you. To get around this the Addinsight app uses a Bluetooth beacon network to receive delay information at locations as the device is approaching the incidents. 

Prototyping and working on Addinsight took us through a major deep dive into BTLE devices, communication protocols on mobile operating systems and setting up a product that can easily be distributed in a whitelabel manner.

The Addinsight app uses a network of more than 400 Bluetooth receivers to generate real-time travel times and identify delays and congestion. The data is then provided back to the driver in the form of spoken alerts, giving the driver advanced warning of the location of delays and how many minutes of travel time those delays are expected to cause. This allows motorists to divert to another route to avoid the delay.

Within the app map highlights sections of road that are currently experiencing delays higher than normal. This allows commuters to see if their route is running normally. The user can tap on any of the highlighted road segments to see the current extra delay and travel time.

To ensure users are not interacting with their phone whilst driving Addinsight has introduced spoken alerts, allowing motorists to keep their eyes on the road. The spoken alerts will play through the phone’s loud speaker or via a car entertainment system if the device is paired via Bluetooth. Users only receive spoken alerts that are relevant to their current direction of travel.

The spoken alerts are generated in the app in real time based on data received from the bluetooth beacons.

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Appliquette worked closely with DPTI over a period of 5+ years to integrate the new technology & a wide cast Bluetooth beacon network into successful prototypes tested ‘on the road’, and then into a sophisticated mobile app solution that was rolled out across many states and territories that provides excellent, hands-free results to the app users across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016 the product was a recipient of two Awards, recognised with the Government Award at the ITS Australia National Awards, and named the winner of the Innovation and Commercialisation category in the South Australian Spatial Excellence Awards (SASEA).


In 2021 the product was successfully commercialized by the SAGE Group where we led the final handover to their internal development team, this culminated the successful journey between Appliquette and DPTI from Prototyping to Release and whitelabel rollouts to full Commercialisation over a number of years of support.

“Imagine a world that ensures reduced frustration experienced by road users, less road signage, better-planned road maintenance and reduction in traffic management costs. Addinsight can enable the future connectivity of vehicle to infrastructure communications, which will help to futureproof our road networks for the next generation of mobility.”

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