We believe that success is best found when we work hand in hand with you.

Phase 1: Discovery + Strategy

We approach this phase using a mix of service design and product management to achieve a robust strategy for the development of your product, that will include understanding the business and technology objectives, and defining what success looks like for the product.

Using service design techniques we map stakeholders in the product and its objectives and produce user journey maps to fully understand the requirements of all stakeholders at any given stage in their product usage. 

Our team will work closely with you (your staff, consultants, etc) and users to develop an engaging experience that ‘lands’ with users.

We work with you to establish metrics to ensure we are hitting the desired objectives and a framework to help you understand how the product is helping to deliver the desired outcomes with the target user base.

phase1 Strategy

Phase 2: Product Design

Taking our learnings and business objectives from Phase 1, we work to wireframe and develop UX prototypes.

Using the prototypes we validate them through user testing both internally with (your) stakeholders, as well as users who fit your products target demographic.

We use this process to validate and assumptions we have made to date, as well as de-risk the next stages of work, by ensuring we are building something that users actually want.

As this stage progresses into UI design, the prototypes get higher in fidelity and more rounded.

At the end of this phase you will have a fully clickable, interactive prototype that will illustrate the users journey and experience with the product.

phase2 Design

Phase 3: Development

Now we have a clear strategy and objective set and validated designs we are ready to start implementing.

Unlike many others, we don’t just go away and do our thing at this point. You are a key component in this process as a major stakeholder in the development. 

Working in agile sprints, we aim to deliver key value at the end of each sprint. We plan, with you what are the most important users stories on the backlog and give you full visibility to our project management board. This will provide you with real-time transparency and a way to track the progress of the work within our product team. 

Development Phase

We maintain three states for all in development products


Used for ongoing development and testing. This is for internal Appliquette usage only.


Once internally tested, updates are pushed to staging for stakeholder review.

Apple Testflight and Google Play Beta is used for mobile app distribution in the app stores, and released to specific users only.


What the end users see.

Updates pushed to production on stakeholder approval.

Apps submitted to the app stores for final review / Web app published to final hosting URL.

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