The Feds (aka Iryna & Dom Federico) are Australian influencers with over 200K fans across their social media platforms. Known as @fromgreatbeginnings they share their famous organisational and budgeting skills to the masses.




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The Feds approached Appliquette to help them deliver their guidebook content (that at the time was only available in a PDF format) into a digital interactive mobile app product. 


There were a number of challenges to tackle with the mobile app. As we were developing complementary features to the guidebook the Feds wanted to include a lot of functionality ranging from budgeting, tasks management, recipes and ingredients to build shopping lists, each of which requires a number of detailed requirements to tackle. 

 As a brand the Feds have a very strong visual strength and particular style, it was important that the app could live up to that and be of the highest quality possible. With such a large, engaged audience the app was going to have a big uptake from day 1.


Through close work with the clients, our Product Management work came to shine, prioritising features and managing the rollout of work with the development team. Logically dividing the work between our development team we were able to roll out a huge number of features in a relatively short time.

Delivering regular test builds allowed us to collaborate closely with the Feds in refining the product. As we got closer to launch we also rolled out a closed beta with over 100 followers to get further customer feedback before launch.

Launch day went extremely well, landing at #7 in the productivity charts, taking over Dropbox and Microsoft, and reaching #73 of all apps. The app was very well received by the users, currently with a 4.6 star rating and 80+ ratings submitted. We’re looking forward to continuing the growth of the product in 2021.

As of 2022 we are continuing to deliver feature needs and updates to the product and are working tightly as development partners for the product.

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