Bellr Shopify app & Slack bot

Appliquette developed Bellr as an internal product which was acquired in 2021, 4 months after a successful launch.

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We created a Shopify app that integrates with Slack to provide users with real time order notifications, low inventory alerts and daily automated reporting.

Our goal was to keep users out of a noisy inbox and get critical information as it happens in slack.

Bellr is the most robust Shopify to Slack solution in the marketplace. With configurable order notifications, low stock alerts and daily reporting you can monitor the health of your Shopify store right from the slack desktop or mobile app.

After 4 months from a successful launch into the Shopify app store space there was an offer made to acquire the product. The acquisition was successful and transferred in 2021.


Order notifications

  • Never miss an important order update by getting key notifications sent to your slack.
  • Notifications are sent for new orders, cancelled orders, paid orders, partially fulfilled orders, and fulfilled orders.
  • Our notifications include discount, tags, and UTM tracking.
  • Configure the types of notifications you want to receive


Get insights via Daily Reports

  • Bellr delivers insightful reports straight to you and your team in slack.
  • Gain sales insights fast and share them with your team even faster.
  • Reports include Revenue, Orders, Avg. Order Value (AOV), and Refunds
  • Reports also display comparisons to the previous day, and previous week benchmarks so you can easily see discrepancies for further analysis.
  • Reports on revenue by source allow you to monitor your campaign effectiveness

Low Inventory alerts

  • Never lose a customer because of lack of stock.
  • We’ll alert you in slack for low stock items as soon as they go under your stock threshold.
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