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The developers you choose must understand the product lifecycle

A successful product starts with a good idea

– but turning that idea into a reality is a complex process.
A product team that understands this lifecycle have a greater chance of achieving your goal of building successful a product.
Why Appliquette?

We build partnerships with you & your business to get the insight we need, then design using user centric strategies that work. Our experience is yours to use. We are credible, professional & passionate about delivering results.
  • Conversational Analysis
  • Market Research on Competitors
  • Consumer Insights and Market trends.
  • Usability Testing
  • Competitor insights
  • Consumer Insights and Market trends.
  • Target audience
  • Target platforms
  • Content and functionality
  • End user experience
  • KPIs.
We want to help you build loyal customers – the ones that will use your product consistently and stay connected with your brand. Our Strategy focuses on identifying, understanding and communicating with these customers and using their insight to inform the product development.

This is the key reason why we provide you with a Product Manager in addition to our developers. Most companies will just take a brief and give it to their development team to build, but we take a holistic view – What is the product we’re building? How can we work with you to design it in the best possible manner?

How can we plan to ensure best integration of content to build engagement both in the product, and in other platforms? And then how best is this then communicated to the development team?

Blitz Golf

See how Appliquette helped disrupt the traditional Golf format

We understand because we’ve gone through it

Everyone in the team at Appliquette has developed their own products, both in-house as a team, and as individuals. Because of this we’ve personally been through this process and have been in your shoes. We’ve seen great successes, as well as some failures in launching our own products and we want to share that knowledge and experience with you.