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Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

We’ve released over 150 apps to the app store or web and worked with many clients over the years, ranging from startups, national businesses, sporting clubs, government and health (check out our portfolio for more). One common theme that appears during this process is the amount of learning and new information that clients learn along the journey. 

Here are some questions about developing a mobile app you should be able to answer before jumping to the development stage. If you’re not sure how to approach these remember, we can help walk through a lot of these steps from idea validation, persona creation and launch strategies through our Discovery Workshops.

Is there a need for this?

CB Insights identified that 42% of startups failed because there was no market need. If you’re developing an app for an existing market (for example, a Language Learning app you’re well on your way for idea validation, and focusing on why customers should pay for your product instead of the competitions.

If you’re entering a new market, or solving a problem in a completely new way it may take more time to validate the use cases and identify the persona’s who will use your product. This could range from user surveys and polling, market scale review and competitor analysis (and so much more).

What is my user persona?

A user persona is a fictional outline of your apps ideal customer. This should start from the research and validation stage where you identify exactly what your customers need from the product you’re designing. A persona contains the needs, goals, and behavior patterns of your target audience. 

Read more about user personas here

What is my monetisation strategy?

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of apps are not profitable, and a major factor in this is the lack of due diligence on how to monetise your product. Monetisation in the app store ranges from Pay to download, In-App Purchases, Subscriptions or purchasing products through the app. 

The answer to this question is highly specific on your overall objectives, your user personas and the type of app you are building, but make sure you have a clear plan (and ideally validated in research stages!) on how you will approach this.

What is my launch plan?

Developing your app is half the battle, and more than often the easy part. You could have the greatest app in the world but if nobody knows about it then you may as well not have built it. How will you get your first 100 downloads? 1000 downloads? 1,000,000 downloads even! 

If you have done clear research and developed your user personas these are perfect to take into your Facebook advertising as your targeted demographic. Do you have a plan for content marketing? App Store Optimisation? SEO? Social Media? The list goes on and on. 

There is a lot you can do, but make sure if works with the audience you need to target – What platforms does your persona live in and how are you going to attract their attention?

Who is the right development team?

If you are a non technical founder it can be challenging to even know what to look for when trying to find the right developer. There are a number of factors here, the usual such as who have they worked with in the past & how many products have they successfully launched for other clients? 

Of course time and cost are major factors as well, but the one thing that you should consider above all is the working relationship. With an app you are usually in it for the long-haul, ranging from 3 months for initial launch to years of ongoing work and maintenance. This is why we provide you a Product Manager, not just developers to help work alongside you and with our development team to help craft the best App experience from Workshops, development, launch and ongoing maintenance. We can help you answer all your questions about developing a mobile app.

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