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Looking to develop a food delivery app?

YourLocal Mobile App

Looking to develop a food delivery app?

Now is the perfect time for disruption and innovation in this industry.

When the COVID crisis hit Appliquette saw a major opportunity to help Hospitality and Small business get through one of the most uncertain and stressful periods the industry has ever faced.

Working alongside local food legends Nugg Lyf we developed a Food Delivery platform called YourLocal to provide fee free delivery to hospitality businesses. The YourLocal app works similarly to other delivery service apps in that users will be able to see local businesses, select from a range of menu items, and place an order which can either be collected contact-free from a venue, or if a business is offering the service, be delivered.

YourLocal App

“I think most other hospitality owners would agree now is the most uncertain and stressful period our industry has faced,” says Josh.

“But I also think now is the time to come together as an industry and support each other. If our customers can get behind YourLocal, it means we see more in our pocket without costing them anything extra. I don’t think its an overstatement to say it could be the difference staying afloat and going under for a lot of businesses.”

We have now wound down the operations for the YourLocal app as things return to normal and we focus on other things, but we are very proud in that we achieved the goals we had set in such a short space of time.

  • Responding fast to providing a fee free platform for local businesses in a short timeline
  • Achieved 20,000 downloads
  • Achieved trending status on Google Play and the App Store
  • Top 10 rankings on Google Play and the App Store
  • Generated major Social Media buzz
  • Landed news and media stories with the Advertiser and Channel 7
  • 70 Local venues jumped onboard
  • 1000+ of orders through the system

Theres never been a better time for innovation in this space, and we have the proven experience to deliver this for you, from strategy, marketing, development and ongoing support.

Chat with us now to learn more!