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LEDA is an interactive training platform enabling managers to learn, practice and apply essential leadership skills through a combination of expert interviews, animations and games.

Founded in 2016 as a startup venture, Ashley from LEDA came to Appliquette to help them get the product off the ground acting as their development arms until they were in a position to manage their own in-house technical team.


The LEDA product consists of multiple platforms talking and interacting with each other to deliver a range of different results to the end users.

Users can work on the platform from their desktop or laptop through the Web App, run through tasks and videos on a Native Mobile App whilst commuting, swap across to the separate Game App to play through some interactive sessions on their phones, all while each of these separate platforms communicate and update each other behind the scenes, or directly with Deep Linking integration.

Platforms aside, the product has to also be capable of delivering a Netflix like streaming solution for the beautiful animated content and the learning modules that the LEDA team was working hard to produce.


A key focus for the development in LEDA was ensuring a scalable, robust backend that allows us to easily manage content, users, streaming video, and provide in depth analytics for review. The strength of the backend development also went a long way into ensuring the real time communication between all of the different platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Games).

Utilising smart deep-linking, users were able to jump back and forth between the Main learning app and the interactive Game app while maintaining a real time status of the users progression through the content.

Utilising AWS smart streaming tools we were able to deliver a seamless, Netflix like experience for content delivery including custom video interface, smart streaming of data, and behind the scenes compression and data management for the content uploaders.


Not only did LEDA have a successful pilot launch with Monash University, they had a major success in being chosen as part of the third cohort in the highly competitive Startmate accelerator. Since 2011 Startmate has provided financing and mentorship for 64 companies since its launch, which have collectively raised over $100 million.

This has allowed LEDA to continue expanding, bringing in their own Technical expertise in-house. Check out LEDA, an app and web-based platform to revolutionize leadership learning at http://getleda.com/



Helped us deliver our vision and get our platform off the ground. I highly recommended the team and their work. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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