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Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

Are you looking for a discovery workshop in Adelaide?

There are two important reasons to engage with us on a Discovery workshop session. Firstly, no developer can provide you an estimate without knowing what they need to build and how they plan to build it. Discovery workshops are crucial to this process.

Therefore, anyone who says they can estimate a project that is not fully scoped could introduce huge risks into your project. Before committing to development use our pre-production workshops to scope out, validate and define the features of your product.

Secondly, you may have an outcome you’d love to achieve but not clear path to deliver it. For example “I have this fantastic idea to create a Coffee Club, where users pay a monthly fee and get access to cheap coffee State wide”. Sounds great right, but how do you turn that into a digital product?

Read how we helped LEDA achieve investment success.

Believe it or not, most of our clients have little to no background in technology, or in fully developing a Product. This is where we flourish, not only have we delivered 150+ products for clients, our team have all shipped their own digital products so we know what it is like to be on your side of the fence. In other words, you’re in very experienced hands.

Our workshops are based off of Google Ventures Design Sprints, proven to get excellent results. We work in collaboration with you, our Product Manager and Developers use these sessions to answer critical business questions. Along with design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

As a result of this process, we have enough information to validate your idea (you want to be sure before you invest $$$) and prepare a detailed documents and project development plans. These sessions to take a holistic approach to the product and develop a strong marketing and content strategy.

In conclusion, Discovery workshops are a fantastic way to validate your idea, reduce risk on the project and have a clear scope and path to completion.

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Final deliverables from the preproduction will depend on your needs and where your project is at. Usually at the end of this process we deliver:

  • Functional / Technical Specification document
  • Project development plan
  • Final quote for development
  • Wireframes for the App User Experience (UX)
  • Designed User Interface (UI) screens for ‘Look and Feel’
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