Skid Steer Simulator

Virtual Reality App Development


The ‘Skid Steer Simulator’ was built by Appliquette for Career Employment Group to aid in training new users on how to control a Skid Steer (Bobcat) vehicle.

CEG performs a lot of work with remote and rural communities (with a key focus on Indigenous communities) providing training and skill development.

Our client wanted a better way to give specific training on the use of a Skid Steer for the mining industry, but it was not feasible or cost effective to transport the physical vehicle so they turned to us to help with a digital platform which would make it much easier to give access to.

CEG wanted to ideally use the software across a number of platforms including Desktop Machines, Phones & Tablets, with or without VR (Oculus), and Physical ‘Chassis’ simulator setups.


Our first design approach was to understand what a Skid Steer is:

    1. Replicate the Vehicle
    2. How does it move
    3. How do you control it
      1. Wheels
      2. Barrel
  1. How do we translate that into a skills based learning tool?
  2. How do we make sure the client can meet the platform requirements


The simulator is deployed to tablet devices, as well as hooked up to a 3 monitor unit complete with vehicle chassis, and controlled with dual joysticks to simulate driving the real thing.

Users also have the ability to wear a Virtual Reality Headset (Oculus Rift)  for complete immersion into the simulator.


Developed using Unity Game Engine, Minimum specs had to cope with a range of Android Tablets / iOS iPads, as well as mid tier PC’s

Oculus Developer Kit 1

Input Devices

  • Logitech Dual Joystick Setup
  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Razer Hydra
  • Touch Screen


We were able to deliver a tool that was used across a kaleidoscope of platforms including: Desktop PC, ‘Simulator Chassis’, VR Headset implementation, Tablets.

Client reported a clear increase in their ability to deliver their training to communities. Both in ability to offer the training in an easier manner, as well as increasing their ability to deliver the more services through the use of the platform.

Client also noted a high level of engagement within the communities (particularly Indigenous communities) with the platform.