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Appliquette was approached by Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA) to assist delivering a Survey App Development project involving a mobile app and web app management system. The Survey App is a brand new independent way to monitor employee engagement and wellbeing that allows for near real-time feedback from a participants workforce.

The pulse survey is administered via an iOS and Android app, generates key data which is analysed to inform company strategies for improving engagement through the Web App Dashboard.

Appliquette assisted RESA through developing a native iOS and Android app for data input, and a Web App Dashboard to generate analytics, as well as monitor and manage participating companies and their sub-divisions, and schedule and manage pulse surveys.


There were two main challenges with Touchstone, firstly from a Front End user point of view, ensuring easy participation was a key focus for delivering this project. As the apps are engagement tools, and the backend Dashboard relies on good data to create useful reports, we had to make sure that the app was simple and engaging to use, and even though we were delivering ‘survey’ content, make it fresh and clean looking, and move away from the traditional ‘boring’ surveys.

Collecting useful data, and then providing it in a meaningful way was just as important for the company admin using the Analytics Dashboard, we have to ensure that all the required information was being collected and secured privately, as that the admin was able to generate meaningful results out of this.


To ensure usability our first focus was on the overall User Experience. How can we get the process to be as simple and quick as possible for the End user. As it stands Touchstone Pulse measures employee engagement across 7 key workforce elements via responses to 23 statements. Respondents tick and flick through the Pulse selecting their level of agreement with each statement, submitting their feedback in under 2 minutes. This ease of progression makes it quick and simple for a user to jump in and interact.

It is proven that Push Notifications & Emails will help increase user engagement with any app, and it was essential to implement into Touchstone as data collection is paramount for the company utilising it. Pushes were implemented at key engagement barriers such as alerts on Surveys closing dates, new surveys being available, and general company broadcasts.


Touchstone has now been utilised commercially across a number of companies who are embracing the challenge of improving workforce engagement, the simple user interaction and clear output results are forming a fantastic framework for growth within their workforce.

We have also been working with RESA to deliver Touchstone in a white-labelled fashion, providing companies their own branded engagement tools to use internally.