Touchscreen – Unley Museum

touchscreen app development


Appliquette was brought in to develop an interactive, touchscreen exhibition for the City of Unley – Unley Museum

The exhibition is an ongoing exhibition called ‘Touch on History with Touchscreen Tech’ which is the first of its type of exhibition (digital touchscreen) for the Unley Museum.

Visitors can come and explore the collection with our new touchscreen technology. Discover strange and fascinating objects from history as they come alive beneath your fingertips.

Viewers will tap on an items on the touchscreen to display more information about it, they are then directed to a physical box number in the exhibition room, to see the object in real life.


After workshopping with the client it was clear that they needed a flexible solution that could be managed by curators on their end, as this is an ongoing exhibition we needed to deliver a system that allows them to easily update or change content without relying on coming back to us for updates.

For this reason we designed a backend system where you can fully customise a ‘table’, create objects that users can tap on to interact with and adjust the types of items being displayed.



With this exhibition we have a number of different asset types:

  • Image Display
  • Text Only
  • Play Audio
  • Play Video

To create an item you define its type above, provide the asset and place it onto the table in the CMS. The app on the touchscreen would then download all of the latest content and always be up to date.

As this is a Touchscreen placed in the centre of the exhibition room, users can approach it from 360 degrees, so we had to design an interface that could work from all directions, with multiple users. We implemented the ability to rotate the display panel to face all 4 sides of the touchscreen, the panel boxes will also automatically disappear after a set time to clean up the interface for the next visitors coming through.