Studio 360 Cycle

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Startup App Development for Studio360 Cycle. Studio360 Cycle is the ultimate cardio workout, set in Australia’s most innovative studio, and matched with original technology guiding you through each and every class. Ride to all of your favourite workout tunes, lead by a passionate and motivating instructor, working through a series of varied tracks that strengthen and tone your whole body.

Founders of Studio360 Cycle Sam & Krissy came to Appliquette to help them get the technology side of their business off the ground.


There were a number of components required on the tech side of the business including things such as:

How will the members interact with and book classes? How will the data from the bikes be pulled and displayed across the apps?

How can we show this data in realtime to all users in the studio space? How will the instructors be able to manage the in-class action?

There were a number of items to consider here, externally users will need to be able register and purchase ‘credits’ for bookings, view and book classes – down to a specific bike number in the room configuration, and view/track the history of their in class stats.

In-studio we needed to work out how to pull data from the bikes to display in an app mounted on the bike, how to manage sending and displaying the data out per class into the stadium scoreboards and giving the instructors controls on how to manage the class.


Stage one was working out how we will send data from the Bike to the App, such as power, distance, speed and calories. Utilising a specific Bluetooth hardware dongle we were able to successfully read the information from the bike and display this nicely on an app running on custom mounted iPod.

The bike app also had to be in constant contact with the class management server to swap between ‘Sprint’ and ‘Standard’ modes as the instructor calls this from the Instructor App.

Careful management of the per class and overall data was required to ensure that we were able to send data into the system at lightning speed to keep as close to realtime results as possible. With the 4 panel mounted scoreboard users can track their stats against others in the class, as well as view the instructor level information such as sprints and standard cycling.

The instructor can manage all of the class from a single Web App housed on a mounted tablet on their bike. The App allows for general class management to view who is sitting on which bike to stopping and starting of classes, setting sprints – which will automatically set all of the iPods on the bikes into ‘Sprint Mode’, and general session management.

All of the class data is housed on a rock-solid server setup to allow users to go back outside of classes and view their session data for progress tracking.


Studio360 Cycle had a very successful launch and have continued to grow their member base at a fantastic rate.

Studio360 Cycle is the only spin studio with a rotating instructor bike in the world! Giving participants a 360 degree vision of the instructor so they can mimic their technique and perfect your own. We are very proud of our input on the technology side to allow them to execute their vision!