DanceAus Connect

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Appliquette was approached to help startup DanceAus Connect deliver their vision to their passionate audience. Begining with a series of workshop sessions we finalised plans for the UX, look and feel, monetisation and data management strategies. The app was to be developed and released on iOS and Android platforms.

The app was planned to become the only Australian Dance App that will connect users their dance dreams. DanceAus Connect was planned to help shape users dance competition and workshop calendars, and allow for the promotion and discovery of dance events, competitions and workshops.


The app allows users to search Australia wide for over 400 individual competitions, workshops and festivals. Users can search for their event, add it to their calendars, and see easy to access event location details all at your fingertips. Users can tap through to the event organiser web or social page and stay up to date with their favourites.

We assisted beginning with our Workshop design sessions to finalise and refine the paper plan and get it ready for implementation, through to iOS and Android app development, backend development and a rock solid admin Content Management System which allowed the admins to add and manage all of the data that is presented to users in the app.


• Search engine for competitions, workshops and festivals
• Search by event, organiser, date, state and show in list or calendar form
• View organiser details and event locations

• View event location, date and state
• View in list or calendar form
• Add personal event details when event program is available
• Print and email so family and friends know when a performance is on

• Add personal results
• Multiple dancers
• Print and email
• View in years and by dancer