Reykjavik Fringe Festival

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Appliquette was approached by the Reykjavik Fringe to develop an iOS and Android app to deliver their event program. This was an important tool for them to use as they had a mission to reduce environment impact of printing physical booklets, so they turned to us to help provide a top quality digital solution.

As part of the Fringe awards, there was an audience vote for best act – Part of our brief included working out a way to facilitate this voting process.



There were two factors to focus on for this app, the obvious front end audience component, and the overall admin and data population of the app.

We developed an easy to use backend CMS that allowed the Fringe admins to log in and populate the data, there were over 150 acts on show so we had to ensure this process was as easy and fast as possible for them.

For the audience, the app provides an easy to use, filterable display that lists all events happening during the Fringe period. They are able to vote for their favourite shows with a simple tap of a thumbs up button.



The app was a success and delivered on the brief of reducing environmental impact by removing the need for printing booklets and allowing audience member voting on acts.

The app also allowed users to pre-purchase digital tickets directly, we were able to track overall usage and purchasing habits to help inform future development for next years events.


Appliquette were an integral part of the success of the Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2019 by delivering an outstanding App. We had excellent usage rates and the number of tickets purchased through the app was fantastic.

Björg árdís kristjánsdóttir, Marketing Manager, Reykjavik Fringe.