Adelaide Airport Shake Off

Customer engagement / Loyalty iOS and Android app
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Adelaide Airport Shake Off is a high performing customer engagement tool that helps Adelaide Airport retail stores interact directly with travellers and visitors through their mobile phone.

Traiditonally, the Airport had been running a physical voucher / redeem based system that had a lot of manual labour in organising vouchers, checking redemptions, and reconciling with the stores monthly. The Adelaide Airport was looking for an easier way to provide this to their customers.

Using the app, fans shake their phones anywhere to instantly win a voucher they can redeem at the retailers in the Airport. 


Shake Off provides Adelaide Airport with a wide range of data to help them  better understand and interact with their customers.

  • Verified contact data including email and facebook for ongoing engagement external from the app
  • In depth demographic data
  • How often they interact
  • How often they visit
  • What types of offers / deals work best within specific demographics based on redemption data


Its a product people want – The Adelaide Airport Shake Off App averaged 45% download conversion rates in the app store, putting it at double the industry average. It also achieved top 20 trending for their respective app stores. The app achieved a redemption rate of 67% for retail/hospitality specific vouchers.