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Interactive Web App Development. Appliquette was approached by The City of Prospect to develop a Web App allowing the Council to deliver information and visuals about the City of Prospect’s Openspace Strategy, with a key focus on providing information around timelines to upgrades and maintenance on the Green Spaces in the region.

The key aims of the app is to increase engagement with community and obtain feedback and suggestions as quickly as possible.


Engagement with the community was the number one purpose for the Web App, the City of Prospect wanted to delivery concise information out to residents in an easy manner, and give residents the ability to respond to proposed plans in the Openspace Strategy allowing the Council to have a finger on the pulse of what its residents are looking for in the upgrades and management of Green Spaces.

Plans will change and upgrades to sites will be completed so the City of Prospect required an easy way to manage the content provided, and be able to Add new sites, updated photos & timelines, Strategy documents and the like.


Whilst we provide long term management & support, we wanted to reduce the City of Prospect’s reliance on needing us to assist with the day-to-day handling of content updates so they are able to make changes as quickly as possible in their own time. To allow this we handed over a simple to use, custom backend content management system that gives full control over all data presented in the Web App, whilst being as simple as possible to jump in an edit without needing a Computer Science degree!

To help gauge community thoughts and feedback we implemented a voting system that allows users to vote with a ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ on proposed timeline upgrades to Green Spaces. This voting data is presented in real time to the City of Prospect through the Backend CMS giving instant feedback on their strategy without requiring and community gathering or door knocking.


The Web App has given the City of Prospect a fantastic platform to engage with their community in a simple manner, and help drive community engagement through a new digital platform.

The platform is now being extended to new areas of strategy beyond the Open Spaces and will continue to grow and engage with community members.


Appliquette have been great to work with at the City of Prospect. The guidance throughout the development of the Prospect Places Website has resulted in a easy to navigate, functional and aesthetically pleasing website for our Open Space Strategy. Appliquette were very personable and willing to experiment and innovative with the approach.

Gene Fong, Urban Designer, City of Prospect