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Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) Australasia has been in operation for 20 years, with highly qualified instructors working on all continents with multidisciplinary audiences. The company reinvests in education and clinically based research and Noigroup Publications has grown from the demand for resources to support this emerging research

NOI’s core philosophy is to create and provide evidence-based multimedia resources and courses for the treatment of pain. NOI’s Recognise system is the first way to accurately measure the ability to recognise left and right body parts and movement, and to train left/right discrimination as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

NOI came to us to rebuild their old (5 years) ‘Recognise’ iOS and Android apps to modernise them and take advantage of the new mobile devices and operating systems.


The ability to recognise a part of the body as belonging or moving to the left or the right involves brain processes that are important for normal function. In some situations, for example after injury, the ability to recognise body parts and movements as being left or right becomes reduced. These problems may contribute to pain and loss of function. Getting better at recognising left and right body parts and movements has been shown to reduce pain, aids recovery from injury and improves performance.

In order for the recognise apps to make positive change in people’s lives they need to be able to A) Perform all required functionality seamlessly and easily, understanding that users of the app are suffering chronic pain and may be limited somewhat in their interaction with the device.

B) Be able to record and export test data (such as % correct Left vs Right, Time to recognise Left vs Right) from the apps to allow clinicians to analyze the data and work with their patients who are using the apps.


On the development side, we were required to put together a suite of six apps, covering Hands, Back, Feet, Knee, Neck and Shoulder. Each of the apps ran the same tests with specific imagery to the body part, so we designed a modular framework that would allow for easy extension into different parts of the body.

Once the framework was setup we could drop in the required photography for each body part to and with minimal modification we could rapidly produce all six.

NOI has an internal graphic designer who we worked with to implement his vision for the UI and branding requirements. This partnership worked well, with his intimate knowledge of the NOI brand and products, and our knowledge and experience with mobile ‘material designs’ and standard, we collaborated to generate a fantastic end result.

A key aim of the Recognise Apps is to store and display test data, allowing for app users and clinicians to analyse results. To best handle this we implemented a complex graph that allows users to filter based on specific values (such as test type, date range, values) graphic both the values and a trendline.

Users can also export the data into CSV format and email it directly to their clinicians. This was important as it allowed the patient’s clinician to analyse the data externally from the apps and use this to assist in their treatment.


The Recognise Apps have been performing a great service for NOI and the clinicians that employ it in the past, so we are proud to have taken this foundation to improve and strengthen the tools that are helping to make a change in thousands of people’s lives all over the globe.