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Family Feud Game Development
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App Development for brands. Appliquette was engaged to develop a Family Feud Buzzer app to be used in conjunction with the Family Feud board game by Imagination.

Rather than packaging in a physical buzzer, the digital app buzzer is used as part of the game process allowing players to buzz in and hear the famous Family Feud sounds, as well as allowing the Host of the game to respond to answers with Top, Correct or Incorrect audio sounds.


There are two modes within the app:
player mode and host mode.

Player Mode:
The player mode can be used during Face Off rounds. Multiple players can use the buzzer to ‘buzz in’ with an answer during Face Off rounds.

Host Mode:
The host mode can be used during all rounds. Only one player can be the host at any one time. The host reads the questions and reveals the answers and point values. To use the app in host mode, select from three sound options to confirm if an answer is the top answer, correct answer or wrong answer.