FireM Fire Responder

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Appliquette was approached by BCA Engineers to deliver an Android and iOS Mobile app, and Web App that will send Alarm notification alerts to users devices when a Fire Alarm is triggered.

The Fire Responder Fire Alarm Notification application has been specifically developed to reduce the investigative time during a fire alarm, as a mobile phone based application.

A reduction in the investigation time provides significant fire safety benefit to minimize disruption and maximize occupant awareness in a real emergency.


The Fire Respond application can be configured to discriminate between various Fire Panel notification conditions including Alarms, Pre Alarms, Faults and Isolates. A record of events is captured locally and off site to allow easy interpolation of reoccurring or troublesome alarm conditions.

The First Respond application can also be adapted to include or replace paging/nurse call, security notification devices and can have settings adjusted to “discretely” transmit alarms to specific individuals or groups.


  • RS232 and RS 485 Communications Interface to Fire/Security Board High Level Interface (Ampac FireFinder Plus), other Fire Panel interfaces in development
  • Communication Hardware can be located within Fire Panel or Remotely located
  • Gateway via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G enabled inbuilt controller
  • Android or Apple iOS compatible (Windows in development progress)