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Appliquette was engaged by the crew from Drinking Buddy to take their MVP app to the next level with a complete rewrite in native languages, and a much more robust and informative backend / analytics system.

Looking for a great meal deal or drink special at your favourite pub or hotel? Looking for a fun night and want to know what’s on around you?

Drinking Buddy is a simple solution for a great time out, any time of the week. It allows you to search for lunch & dinner specials, happy hours, drink offers, live music, trivia & quiz nights and anything else that’s on around you. Drinking Buddy also offers exclusive deals you can only get by using the Drinking Buddy app.



The Drinking Buddy app is easy to use, allowing you to search specific days of the week or a particular offer type. Find a lunch deal on a Thursday or drink specials on a Saturday night by selecting the day or offer that you are searching for.

If you’re looking for what’s on in your area, Drinking Buddy’s map view allows you to see the hotels that have deals on near you, with the ‘Around Me’ button narrowing down your options to within a 5KM radius.

All of Drinking Buddy’s deals include a detailed description of the offer, contact details and information about the hotel, plus the ability to share the deal with friends or family across social media, email and text message.


Key project highlights

  • Push Notifications & Geofence Alerts (Alerts trigged within Venue radius)
  • In depth Analytics recording: Usage, Time spent in venues, deal views & conversions.
  • Map view Around me feature (shows what’s on within 5KMs of your location)+
  • Backend administration, setup deals, venues & notifications. Extensive reporting & analytics.



  • Lunch, Dinner, Drinks or What’s on type search
  • Full deal descriptions for every offer
  • Exclusive deals and offers to Drinking Buddy users
  • Hotel Descriptions & contact details
  • Share offers with friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Txt Message & other social media sites.


The team at Appliquette have been vital to the success of both Drinking Buddy.

Drinking Buddy had originally worked with another developer which had proven to be a mistake. Appliquette helped to rebuild the app from the ground up, making significant improvements on the previous version. They also made suggestions which helped to integrate our website and app onto the one backend system. This led to the new version of the app being miles ahead of what we were working with previously.

Kasra Sabermanesh, Director