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Membership App Development for the ANMF (SA Branch). Appliquette was approached by the ANMF (SA Branch) to help them to bring the wide range of benefits they offer their members via a new app for mobiles and tablets.

We were briefed to deliver the app on both Apple and Android devices. The app includes handy daily tools, including a shift planner and an educational dosage calculator based on formulas from the latest academic literature.

Complete with an Industrial Enquiry tool, the app enables members to immediately communicate incidents or issues to ANMF (SA Branch), helping them move even closer towards our goal of making healthcare workplaces as safe as they can be.


The app has a number of features implemented to help make the lives of members easier around work. These tools include:

  • Shift planner/calendar
  • Educational dosage calculator for oral medication tablets, IV/IM and SC medication, infusion pump rates and drip feeds.
  • ANMF (SA Branch) Industrial Enquiry form

In addition to that the app includes a number of easy to access information sections:

  • Easy access to contact our membership team
  • Access to ANMF (SA Branch) nursing and midwifery news and events
  • Web links to our latest CPD and educational courses
  • Ability to add links to websites that are used on a regular basis
  • A feedback survey, so you have the opportunity to help us continue to improve the app


The ANMF (SA Branch) App was successfully delivered on iOS and Android platforms and has proven to be a useful tool for ANMF members.


ANMF (SA Branch) would like to thank Appliquette for their excellent service in the creation of our mobile app. They were always very helpful in assisting us with the project and their knowledge in this area was crucial in insuring the App was created to perform well on all phones and mobile devices.