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Award winning App Development. The Addinsight apps have been developed as part of a larger system called Addinsight that monitors the road network, produced by the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

Appliquette was approached by DPTI to take their inital prototype apps and re-develop them as an iOS and Android consumer based app that will interact with their Bluetooth beacon network & Rest API and Web Feed.

Appliquette worked closely with DPTI to integrate the new technology & Bluetooth beacon network into a sophisticated solution that provides excellent, hands-free results to the app user.


The Addinsight app uses a Bluetooth beacon network to receive delay information at locations approaching the incidents.

The data is then provided back to the driver in the form of spoken alerts, giving the driver advanced warning of the location of delays and how many minutes of travel time those delays are expected to cause.

This allows motorists to divert to another route to avoid the delay.


Within the app, the map highlights sections of road that are currently experiencing delays higher than normal (excess delay). This allows commuters to quickly see if their route to work is running normally. The user can tap on any of the highlighted road segments to see the current extra delay and travel time.

To ensure users are not interacting with their phone whilst driving Addinsight has introduced spoken alerts, allowing motorists to keep their eyes on the road. The spoken alerts will play through the phone’s loud speaker or via a car entertainment system if the device is paired via Bluetooth.

Users only receive spoken alerts that are relevant to their current direction of travel


From a consumer point of view, the addinsight app has received tens-of-thousands of downloads with positive feedback and results from use.

The app is also currently being trialled by five other road authorities within Australia and New Zealand for rollout outside of South Australia.

It is also a recipient of two Awards, recognised with the Government Award at the ITS Australia National Awards, and named the winner of the Innovation and Commercialisation category in the South Australian Spatial Excellence Awards (SASEA).