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App Marketing

App Marketing

How do you stand out in a crowd?

Are you looking for App Marketing in Adelaide?

Firstly, Digital Products no matter what the type, all face the same battle. You could have developed the best product possible (*ahem* especially great if you worked with our development team!) but If nobody knows about it, it will go missing somewhere out in space.

Above all, in an increasingly crowded marketplace standing out is a challenge, and App Marketing is not something you can be passive about.

Content Creation

  • Website / Landing page
  • Product / app preview video
  • Social media content
  • Graphic design and video,
  • Maintenance of social media pages.


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Press Releases
  • Submission to review sites
  • Engaging with influencers
  • Ad campaign management with Facebook, Linkedin, Google adwords and more.

A high search or app store rank is essential to getting found…

Because users wont dig too far past the first page of google or app searches achieving high visibility is critical. Therefore products face a catch-22 – to get downloads and visibility, you need a high rank but to get a high rank, you need downloads.

…but engagement is the ultimate goal.

The end goal for all brands that develop a Product is engagement. An always-on connection with a user and a permanent spot on their mind. Most brands fail in this regard. The average Product is used a handful of times before being deleted.

Why Appliquette?

We build partnerships with you & your business to get the insight we need, then design using user centric strategies that work. Our experience is yours to use. We are credible, professional & passionate about delivering results.

Media Strategy & Execution = downloads

A well-planned and carefully curated combination of Bought, Earned and Owned media create the downloads required for natural visibility. This also creates a consistent level of awareness that captures new users.

Earned Media.

Includes blogs, directories, email, PR and other earned channels that will help to promote awareness and create brand advocacy.

Bought Media.

Targeted mobile and desktop advertising campaigns to generate the high-volume interaction required to achieve rank.

Owned Media.

Includes developing a branded web site / landing page, creating branded content and social spaces which will help create and support natural search visibility and awareness.

Success hinges on a well-planned and executed strategy

Your content and media strategy in the pre-launch phase will lay the groundwork for a successful and highly visible product.

Then tactical execution of the combination of Bought, Earned and Owned media post launch of your product will work in harmony to drive download and engagements.

Once executed, make sure you are tracking it with Analytics, we can help you there too!