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App budget: It shouldn’t be taboo

App budget: It shouldn’t be taboo

Here is a common conversation about app budgets that occurs when people reach out to start talking about developing their mobile or web app:

Q: “What’s your budget range”

A: “Oh, I don’t want to tell you”

Unfortunately there can be some taboo around talking budget before any estimation, thinking that whatever number is spoken is suddenly the number it will cost. To us as your potential developers however, understanding your budget range is a critical element to best planning and approach to your project.

If you are still at early stages and are just startling to look around it is understandable that you may not have established a set budget yet, but you should have in mind some ‘expected cost’ that will put everyone on the same page as to where this will be heading. 

So, here are the key reasons why we ask this question:

To confirm we’re the right partner for you.

Sometimes potential clients who are completely new to the mobile or web app development space can have an unrealistically low expectation of cost. The reality of development is that is is generally not cheap to develop or maintain.

Like any partnership, It’s best to be on the same page about budget as early as possible to ensure we are playing on the same field.

So we can propose the best solution

There are many types of software projects, some could be feature rich but technically straight forward, some are technically challenging but small in scope, some lay in between.

Knowing your app budget and the required feature set helps us make decisions to best drive your project. This could be things such as choices in technology, or removing ‘nice to have’ features, or planning out a roadmap to deliver features over time.

Of course if your expected budget aligns with the features of the app then happy days, although we would still assess it from a strategy point of view to make sure they make sense to the market. 

At Appliquette we’re are here to work alongside you in partnership to achieve your ideal outcomes and deliver amazing work, by having an open conversation about all facets of the project and how we can help we can be sure to deliver a development proposal that best works with your needs.

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