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App Analytics

App Analytics

The developers you choose must understand the product lifecycle

Everyone has opinions

App analytics will inform you how engaged your users are in your app, and how ‘sticky’ it is. It can measure feature usage, overall satisfaction, user acquisition among many things. App analytics tell you where problems may lie, and help provide you with solutions to address them.
app analytics

Analytics are critical to understand product health.

We use a range of tools to assist us here from including Mixpanel or Amplitude, as well as the metrics provided within the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Not only do we implement these into your products, but we have the knowledge and experience to navigate through the data and give you a full picture of where your product is at.

AUFC Shake it!

See how Appliquette boosted fan engagement for Adelaide United Football Club

We understand because we’ve gone through it

As part of our Discovery Workshops, we work with you to assess what we think will be the most important data points to understand before we get to development. If you have an existing product and you aren’t understanding the App Analytics then you are going in blind!