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App analytics: Top platforms

App Analytics

App analytics: Top platforms

A key tool to driving success with your app is using an analytics tool. Everyone has opinions, but to truly make sure you are making the right decision about features in your app you should be using data to lead the decision making. App analytics give us the metrics to best understand the product and measure its success.

App analytics will inform you how engaged your users are in your app, and how ‘sticky’ it is. It can measure feature usage, overall satisfaction, user acquisition among many things. App analytics tell you where problems may lie, and help provide you with solutions to address them. They are a critical tool in understanding the health of your app.

Here are three of the key platforms we use to track analytics in our products.


Firebase is Google’s mobile platform, providing a range of services including analytics. Firebase gives you great insight into your app from one dashboard, ranging from Crash reports to app usage stats. Firebase also provides you the opportunity to start exploring the use of Machine Learning with your app data through their Predictions component. 

You can use these predictions (eg, Firebase might predict a % of users that are high at risk to churn from your app) and then create a cohort to target with reengagement tools such as Push Notifications or In app messages. You can also connect the data to Bigquery for an interactive analysis of massive datasets.

As it is a Google product it syncs with Google Ads and AdMob providing all your app data insights such as revenue in one place.

As we would more often than not use Firebase as the backend for our apps, using the analytics platform within firebase is an easy natural extension for the apps we build.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Crash reporting
  • Real-time Database
  • Cloud storage
  • Deep linking performance
  • In-app purchase data
  • Attribution
  • In-depth audience segmentation


Mixpanel is an amazing app analytics platform to perform deep funnel and cohort analysis of your app users. You can show the top events happening in the last 96 hours and then use these events to create cohorts. For example, in our Shake it! <LINK> Apps, we were able to create cohorts of users based on prizes that they were redeeming, to then send more relevant Push Notifications to them. 

If we could see from our analytics that a user redeemed a Coffee at Cibo, we could put them into a ‘coffee’ cohort, so when a new Coffee shop came on board the app, we send a specific personalised message to users via Push Notification who we specifically know are interested in coffee because they redeemed a coffee prize.

On the other hand, if we could see users were never redeeming Sushi prizes, we could reduce the annoyance factor of Push Notifications to them by not sending that cohort Push Notifications about new Sushi stores coming on board.

Event Tracking -> Cohort Creation -> Push Campaign management all from the single tool. Magic.

Along with the above we have the usual… Insights, Live View, Formulas, Flows, Funnels, Retention, and Signal. Funnels let you visualise how users move through your app step through events. We can use this to see which features increase conversion, engagement, and retention. 


  • Multiple tools (Insights, Live View, Formulas…)
  • Free for 5 million data points
  • Live view
  • Addiction Report

Facebook Analytics

It is fairly common for us to implement Facebook login into our apps, as an extension of this we can use the wonderful Analytics Dashboard that comes with the Facebook developer tools.

In here we can perform all of the common mobile analytics such as session counts, locations, etc. Facebook applies Machine Learning to analyse the data providing us with automated insights which is great, but the real value in Facebook Analytics comes from the ability to generate Audiences from your connected users, as well as lookalike audiences. 

When you combine your Facebook advertising of your app with these audiences created from your app data you can target a very accurate representation of your active app users, allowing you to get the best bang for buck spend in your ads.


  • Revenue tracking
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Automated Insights
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Audiences

As you can see there are a number of different tools that can be used for many specific purposes from general analytics, cohort creation, engagement and marketing campaigns. 

Are you looking to learn more for your app? We would be happy to talk to you in more detail, get in touch now!